Sides: E / F


Ida! 02:35
Ida I dearly want you to know 
Ida I don’t ever want you to go Don’t move to the country Don’t go to the sea / coast Don’t leave us for ever Alone in ‘ackney Ida hideaway if you really want ida I’d unravel if you were gone For every reason In every way We love you to pieces We want you to stay You are waiting For a brighter day Over the rivers and wastelands Oh just don’t leave it to late There’s still a lot we can say Ida I declare an emergency Ida i don’t even know if you know what’s real Go through the cathedral turn left at the mill Look under the bridges / plane trees / beeches We’re livin’ here still You are waiting For a cloud to pass Over the field and forest How did it happen so fast? Oh i don’t want it to last We are waiting For a friend to call You hate the traffic pollution The metropolitan sprawl Oh could you see through it all?
Nearly Here 03:10
The world’s on it’s arse And there’s a fault in our stars and all you do is moan living inside your phone I worry out of every pore I read the news Crack in the plaster In the white alabaster Call the foreman in Up on the highest Hill Nero is shredding on his new Proto-guitar It is nearly here It is really near Is is really here? It is nearly here The future is cancelled Architecture dismantled / all the systems dismantled / infrastructure dismantled All the betting’s off Burning the beauty spots A bucket of alizarin I took a swim A grisly discov’ry oh to find you above me water in your eyes All of us terrorized All eaten up and flattened by nothing at all / triv-ya-laties The centrepiece of the scene With coronals of leaves The bacchanaliens dream in a fog of excess and the old fires/vices flickering It is nearly here It is really near Is is really here? It is really here


released June 2, 2020


all rights reserved



FELL London, UK

Fell is Nicolas Burrows, an artist, illustrator and musician living in London, with band members Jon Rulton (Bear Driver, Dream Giant), Dav Shiel (Beth Jeans-Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny) and Matt Giraudeau (Dogtanion).

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