There Still Are Mysteries

by F E L L

Live Now 04:17
As I lay back there upon the ground I kept my ear close to the sound Of universes rumbling And river swells all tumbling Above the words that we were mumbling And the thought it did occur to me That O somewhat ironically As I fight the pull of entropy So my songs are sang more joyfully And new poems are revealed to me Could I start again with what I know Could I wake up with somewhere to go Could I lie there on a gravel beach With the water lapping at my feet Could I be sleeping keeping out of reach In a place where I cannot be found Where rivers run under the ground And I can gaze up at the firmament I can fall asleep inside a tent Hey d'you wonder where the summer went? So i shirked all ideology And I wrote my own mythology And it was legs and arms and arms and legs All tangled up in double beds Some thoughts I thought should not be said And on the verges of a hurricane Well we wrote a song which had no name And then we all went down and swam the lake And we talked about the plans we'd make Yeah we know it takes the time it takes See it stretches on for ever And every day is like another one Where you never will you always might And it comes back to me every night 'Son, you never seem to get it right' You said 'the universe will leave you gifts If you keep yourself open to it' Still trying to work out what you meant As things are borrowed time is spent And I wonder where the money went Pull hard against the water's flow Come on we'll row and row and row There will be time for wandering and wondering and Oh! Sing long for everyone you know
Rain in the summer Hailstones in the spring There is dust in the air Diamonds in the hills Moths in your cupboards Ideas in your head There are tears in your eyes Spiders in the shed Feelings in your fingertips And thunder in your brain There is smoke in your lungs Coffee in your veins Cracks in the pavement Potholes in the road There is meat in the fridge Aching in your bones I am a vessel Of muscle and will The heart beats The heart beats Though sometimes it is still And though it all fits together I know it do spill Skeletons in your closet And iron in your blood There is light in the soil Fire in the wood Wonder in not knowing Some beauty in the dark There is truth in your words Sadness in your heart I hear a colour And I see a tone The heart beats The heart beats My legs move and I go And it is each thing together That maketh the whole
Let Me Go On 02:46
I went swimming in the lake You know I know the time it takes The buzzard and the old corncrake The captain and the emerald snake What new wonder waits for me Beside the hollow of a tree And there are things you cannot see Hiding all away Let me go on The quiet of the daffodils The bear crepuscular but still He hibernated, ate his fill And in the summer blood will spill We got tired and we got wet All dripping little rivulets And the black flies settled on our sweat And we are full of blood Let me go on Routes are followed routes are mapped Where are those sandwiches you packed All quickly eaten once unwrapped While by the shore dark water lapped The silver ribbon river snakes It knows the path it has to take Comes barreling into the lake And I see water fall / An icy waterfall Let me go on
Other Ways 03:20
Here from out of nowhere Twixt soil and the sun With someone else's Rhythm in my skull I collected in the static Of a hundred thunderstorms I watch them spill Quiet and heavy to the floor And I went out just to feel it Still it makes no sense at all Though I may grow well I may go I will be gone In the unorchestrated lurching Of a million spinning tops Witter away across the table For to drop And I know I'm right I've known it all the time There are other ways... You should learn to trust your feelings You don't need to understand There is blood it is Running in your hand With an axe and a box of matches Build a fire from the wood To crack and split To sing and spit into the sun And I know I'm right I've known it all the time There are other ways And I want to get it right And I walk Let in the light Say I won't But still I might And the empires fell While the bone and the shell Kept growing alone In the dark
Sunbeam Burning up necks dancing on valleys And little flies horrid and clumsy Seek the salt within your sweat Wake me With a gentle shove and take me Out in your garden come and make me In the morning with your shade Oh California sea You drunk honey bee Are you asleep on the wing As you float there next to me? Travelling And watch the rivers all unravelling And every summer that you have seen Becomes another summer gone Oh this year I'll be around yeah i'll be back here Soaking up sun swim in the cold mere In the morning in your wake You giant redwood tree You Patterdale peak You just sit there and sing And I fling all the weight off me And now I see The river moans the river speaks And there's nothing here That I can do without And in the valley by the lake And if you keep me awake We'll live forever in the things We talked about Sunbeam Burning up necks dancing on valleys And every summer that you have seen Becomes another summer gone
And like a river in the sun I'll keep running on and on Til all the song in me is gone TIl all the things to do are done The wind is filled with ancient sound Scatters the pebbles on the ground And so some things get written down Some things are born some things are found A shadow soaked across a hill Like some indelible inkspill And I will watch it as I will Across the air so soft and still A ring of hilly brothers stare back at the water we found there I feel your fingers in my hair And mystery upon the air Come see the silent water soft and sweet The soil sleeping at your feet The grains that make the gravel beach Some things are near yet out of reach
Fingernails 04:19
He got the graveyard shift Down at the National Trust And he's a sleeping policeman he's a A little out of touch I remember how the sun was going down Dripping golden buttering the roofs in town And he's a regular feature Out on the Catalan scene He got his pockets full he packing Acres of polythene It was hot the sweat was running in my skin Clinging on to anyone and anything Oh the hackles on my neck My follicles tickled in the sick and sour breath Everything happened at once When I looked in to his eyes It's there on my sight Oh it's with me everywhere I go And when he's on the floor It's a frenzy of life He knows that everyone's watching him they're Like moths around the light in the morning everything had disappeared And I just walked around and felt a little weird No now when our lips align Oh honey i'm looking at the space behind your eyes Everything happened at once When I let go of his hand It remains in my veins Oh it's with me everywhere I go
Islands Fold 02:43
Sitting in the van Revolver is on And I like The Lennon ones We listen to your tape As we are on our way The summit in the storm Is hid in cloud But we are sleeping late We don't wake for hours Back out in the wood We get high And this is The second time Back to the Islands Fold The summit in the storm is here now
I am a head disgorging I am black iron forging Smoke rise up ahead Making presents for the dead I live on rotting apples I make the rotting happen Deep down in the loam I see you pass on your way home I burn like forest fires I hide among church spires Leering out at you Misericord under the pew My fingers dead-leaf fisted My songs grow gnarled and twisted My eyes burn berry bright I make a bower for the night The vines and leaves unspool me A vegetable jewellery Tree bark crowns my head Bringing presents for the dead The leaves grow all around me Leaked from the mouth to drown me Coloured chlorophyll Come my daughters welcome in I am the green-gold spectre I work in the environmental sector And I watch over you I drink your footprints in the dew I am the shady patches The creak of lifted latches Gold-leaf summer gleam I disappear into the green
You are all I need Your open eyes Words settle on your tongue And I reach out to your side And I do it all the time So I might find A space between your ribs That I might see a way inside Your body wore a bruise you bore us fruit See it lightening See it severed at the root Have you seen the bloody moon? An open wound I see it too You are all I need You come in waves If we burn the furniture We can both get through the day There is nothing in the way We made a space Shoulder to shoulder A ring of hills around a lake Eyes open in the gloom We lie cocooned Speak to me only And I am severed from the room The little grasses pushing through They grow with you And you grow too
Slow Burn 02:25
I thought I could do it But I found there's more to it Hey slowburner What fuel are you using? My heart beats harder My blood flows heated And all movements repeated What went up has come down Melting rocks on the old ground What was once a dark secret Becomes a regular feature Galaxies moving Universally growing And satellites glowing And the ancients are turning Into fuel for our burning And as I am speaking Down through porous rocks they're leaking And heavy erosion Brings a black sticky potion And it feeds the earth's motion


"Beautiful, sheeny, witty, baroque pop…very very special indeed."
- Lauren Laverne, BBC6 Music

“I really really love his delivery; it’s incredibly personal…a beautiful voice.”
- Guy Garvey, BBC6 Music

From 2006-2016 Nicolas Burrows wrote, recorded and performed under the name GLACIERS, releasing two home-recorded albums and several EPs, for the first release as F E L L Nicolas has worked with producer Andy Ramsay (Stereolab) at Press Play Studios, and with Jorgen Skjulstad and Thomas Meidell at Metronopolis in Oslo, giving his songs the studio treatment for the first time.

Intensifying a long-held lyrical focus on natural wonder & magic, "There Still Are Mysteries" conjures up images of sun-drenched meadows, wilderness wanderings, dark lakes and moonlit glades, populated by strange folkloric characters hovering just out of view. Harmoniums, warm guitars and saxophones, shimmering organs and boggy basslines give life to simple melodies, creating an undulating and lush 38 minutes of song: a perambulatory meditation on wonder, on not knowing, on magic, myth and mystery...


released August 19, 2016

All songs by Nicolas Burrows
Arrangements by Nicolas Burrows
& Andy Ramsay.

Nicolas Burrows
Singing, guitars, drums, bass, clavinet, hammond organ, farfisa, solina, wurlitzer, vox organ, percussion, synth, piano, vibraphone, harmonium

John Rulton

Ed Carmichael

Thomas Meidell
Bass, synth

Jørgen Skjulstad
Synth, clarinet

Andy Ramsay
Drums, percussion

Steve Hamilton
Saxophone, clarinet

Recorded Press Play Studios in London & Metronopolis in Oslo. Produced by NB & AR. Engineered by AR
at Press Play & TM at Metronopolis.

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
at Stereophonic mastering.

Artwork by NB


to everyone who’s ever listened to my songs, come to see me play, bought my records, played in my band, put up with my noise or helped me out. Special thanks to VC.

First published in 2016 by Nous Vous Press.
© Nous Vous Ltd 2016. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



FELL London, UK

Fell is Nicolas Burrows, an artist, illustrator and musician living in London, with band members Jon Rulton (Bear Driver, Dream Giant), Dav Shiel (Beth Jeans-Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny) and Matt Giraudeau (Dogtanion).

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