from Sides: C / D by FELL



Malcontented in the temperate zone
And have i told you how i feel like our house is a boat
So when the water’s getting higher we can probably float
Because it’s bound to get much wetter than this

temp’ramental as a wobbly tooth
But you are stronger you are stranger you are muscle and truth
And everyday it gets precarious and scarier still
And oh for now all of the betting is off

I know it can be frustrating
wanting hoping asking waiting

I don’t do numbers
I don’t do time
I don’t do progress

Am i indelicate?
Not quite!

I’m unsteady i’m a live orrery
I am an orb within an orb i turn concentrically
You make appropriate connections with the one that you see
The other witters in a world of its own

Dislocation is ma natural state
I don’t remember anything before 2-oh-zero-8
I didn’t write it down i heard it and it floated away
You're right i don’t recall a word that you say

Singing so i’m dislocated
Singing to a hall vacated
Singing songs is complicated
Singing songs of love and hatred

I don’t do numbers
I don’t do time
I don’t do trousers

Am I embellishing?
Not quite!

I don’t do logic
No no routine
I don’t do yoga

I like to be alone
not flailing in the ebb


from Sides: C / D, released April 13, 2020


all rights reserved



FELL London, UK

Fell is Nicolas Burrows, an artist, illustrator and musician living in London, with band members Jon Rulton (Bear Driver, Dream Giant), Dav Shiel (Beth Jeans-Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny) and Matt Giraudeau (Dogtanion).

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