That's The Way

from Sides: K / L by FELL



As I wandered deep into the valley
Where immortality is guaranteed
Considered my obsidian reflection
Appear like narcissus in the stream

Walk with me around your file and folder
Tell me of your heavenly machine
Sell to me a myth of human progress
Couch it all in faithful binary

And I know
That's the way

A dream begins
the meek rejoice
The rest resist
But it's just the hollow magic
Of a disappearing trick

See 'em offer up the poison Apple
We accepted and of course we fell
And tumbled to the foot of Sugar Mountain
In thrall to all the darlings of the Dell

Saddle up my horses bring them water
Hand me down my spear of burning gold
And we'll ride roughshodded right into the heartlands dear we're
Pulling out the wires as we go

And I know
That is the way

A dream exists
The rest rejoice
The meek resist
But the thing has put out roots
And it has dug its tendrils in


from Sides: K / L, released July 31, 2021
Written, performed & recorded by Nicolas Burrows, Jon Rulton, Dav Shiel & Matthew DeKersaint Giraudeau. Mixed by Nicolas Burrows. Additional mixing & mastering by Dan Blackett.


all rights reserved



FELL London, UK

Fell is Nicolas Burrows, an artist, illustrator and musician living in London, with band members Jon Rulton (Bear Driver, Dream Giant), Dav Shiel (Beth Jeans-Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny) and Matt Giraudeau (Dogtanion).

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